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In the heyday of the Scottish clan system, chieftains would often meet with their members to devise cattle raids, seize lands or conspire against rivals. The earliest Highland gatherings and games were said to have originated from the chiefs’ desire for self-preservation, using challenging tests of speed and strength toContinue Reading

Hosted by Clan Macrae Society of Scotland Edinburgh – May 8, 2019 Dunblane & Sheriffmuir – May 9, 2019 Kintail – May 10 to 12, 2019 On 10 May 1719, the Royal Navy frigates FLAMBOROUGH, WORCESTER and ENTERPRISE initially fired cannon against the castle walls at Eilean Donan andContinue Reading

The Clan MacRae Society of Canada Board of Directors – last update June, 2018 Honorary President & Honorary Commander of Clan MacRae Worldwide Marigold MacRae, Our Gracious Lady of Eilean Donan Castle ​First and Past President, Dr. Robert MacRae Victoria BC Officers and Executive – Annual Election – three-year termContinue Reading

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In 2015, the 100th Anniversary of the writing of “In Flanders Fields” was commemorated with several events: 1) Stamp and Coin Unveiling An unexpected and special addition to the Clan MacRae Gathering in Ottawa was an invitation for members of the Clan MacRae Society to attend the unveiling of aContinue Reading