Joanne Monahan, Deb Gemmell and Sharon Clayton (all Canada Society members) have approved changing this Facebook Group from a Secret Group to a Closed Group. People who search Facebook for the words “Genealogy” and “MacRae” will now be able to find the group and request to join. Only group members will be able to see the postings. The screen shot here shows how the group has been set up. Any group member can create postings without administrator approval, and other members are encouraged to react to and comment. Although the group’s name is “Genealogy – Clan MacRae of Canada”, membership is not limited to those of us who live in Canada. However, a Canadian connection or family history will help to keep the postings relevant. People don’t have to join FB to post or see others.

Our clan genealogy team will gladly help you connect to known lines if you wish and help you fill in more details. Complete Your Family Genealogy Details form. Send to address indicated on the form.